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Quantum Growth Organic Total

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Quantum Growth Microbe Life Probiotics


  • Shelf Stable For 3 Years!
  • No Refrigeration or Special Storage Needed.
  • Not an Unstable or Inconsistent Compost Tea.
  • Guaranteed Counts of Known Microbes.
  • 40-Plus Years of Proven Manufacturing Experience.
  • Backed By University Studies & Third Party Count Verification.
  • OMRI Listed for use in organic production or for organic gardening!

What is Quantum Growth Organic Total and Why Are Soil Probiotics Important?


Soil contains nutrients, water, air, and organics (microbes). Traditionally, growers address the first three components with fertilization, irrigation and aeration. However, the most vital component of soil, the living microbes, is often neglected (and often even destroyed) with pesticides. Quantum Growth contains live microbes (probiotics) to specifically and uniquely supplement this critical part of soil that other treatments do not. The huge benefits of probiotics for our own digestive health are well known. Plants are even more dependent than we are on a strong and diverse microbial population for full nutritional and health!

Quantum Growth is the original probiotic for plants, trees and turf.  Ecological Laboratories, the company and technology behind these products, has been the leader in fermentation for over 40 years. This unique blend of beneficial microbes has been proven through university trials and field trials. These studies prove that Quantum Growth provides plants, trees and turf with numerous benefits including: healthier growth and better yields and aesthetics. In addition, applications of Quantum Growth will mean reductions in fertilizer use, plants’ increased resistance to disease and pests, better drought tolerance and a reduction in watering.

The “Game Changer” - No other product meets such stringent quality and efficacy standards!


Quantum Growth Versus Compost Teas


Quantum Growth is not a compost tea; in fact, it takes all the positives that you would try to get from a compost tea without the many negatives; and without any of the precious time needed to produce them. Quantum Growth is a controlled biological (that is, it is made with known natural strains and is not dependent on random biology) which is supported by guaranteed counts and analysis from third-party labs – so you know exactly what is in every bottle. Each batch is also tested for pathogens, so you also know exactly what is not in every bottle.

Simply stated, Quantum Growth is a controlled, stabilized, safe and guaranteed biological product while compost teas are inconsistent, input-dependent, uncontrolled products that may or may not have biological value. Quantum Growth is backed by many studies from the top universities in the world that prove the efficacy, safety, and the microbes that are guaranteed in the product. Compost teas have few or any studies backing that they work; in fact, almost all the studies found in the scientific literature or done by universities have demonstrated that there is no value in compost teas. Even more, there are many university and USDA studies showing that compost teas can be dangerous or growth disease-causing pathogens.


Stable, Concentrated and Cost Effective


Production is completed when the Quantum Growth has been concentrated and stabilized. One gallon of Quantum Growth covers an entire acre at about $1.00 per 1,000 square feet, and is shelf stable for over 3 years with no refrigeration required!


Proven Over 40+ Years and in Trials


Quantum Growth is produced in the USA and proven to work through 40 years of R&D. Used on high-value properties such as Disney, pro turf fields such as the Milwaukee Brewers, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars and PGA courses, and by trend-setting farmers and landscape professionals.

Multiple university studies validate this technology:

Quantum Growth Application Instructions

  • Foliar or Soil Drench Applications or Turf, Plants, Trees or Shrubs: Add 1 to 2 ounces of Quantum Growth per gallon of water.  Apply as a light foliar or soil drench applied at your regular watering interval, or at least every two weeks. 
  • Larger Area Applications for Turf, Landscape or Crops: Add 3 ounces of Quantum Growth per 1,000 square feet, diluted in any amount of water that is preferred to achieve final 3 ounces per 1,000 square foot coverage.

    Repeat every 3-4 weeks for turf or every 2-3 weeks for plants.

Quantum Growth Container Sizes & Coverage

  • 1 Quart Quantum Growth Total (Covers 11,000 square feet).
  • 1 Gallon Quantum Growth Organic Total (Covers 1 acre).





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